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Thais thrives on transforming the brand identity for creatives and coaches to increase their visibility and feel confident in their brand.

She understands artistic expression and knows that your clients want to be able to feel what you are all about. Thais can provide you with a brand identity that truly speaks to who you are. By partnering with her the mundane part of your business will be taken care of so you can focus on continuing to create beautiful artwork. Building your business is important to you and she wants to help you achieve that goal.

* star-review

“Thais took over my Pinterest account 2 months ago and taken it from 10 views a month to over 1.5k. I am impressed with her work ethic and creativity. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants to increase their following and get eyes on their content” 

~ C. Venter

“Thais Lopes has been a true professional from the get-go. She is always punctual, whether it’s a meeting or getting pins created. She took my photos and transformed them into awesome pins and then researched keywords to coordinate with my boards. She also helped me update my tailwind and showed me some cool new features. I would be more than happy to work with her again!t” 

~ K. Parkinson

“Thais had a lot of great information to share in just a few short minutes with me! I gained insight on how to start the creative flow and reach goals that I have set in place for myself. I would recommend a consultation call with her to see how she can help you reach your creative goals”

~ L. Smith