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Brand Recognition

Did you know that color can increase brand recognition to more than 80%?!

That’s right, so the colors that you choose for your brand are incredibly important to the longevity of your brand and brand recognition.

Color is one of the many aspects that make up your brand identity. It is the first thing customers and clients are going to notice when they look at your logo, your flyers, your marketing materials, etc…

It is critical to pick out colors that will have an emotional and practical impact on your brand. You want your customers and clients to feel like your colors match the type of products and services you are offering.

You want your brand colors to reflect your business and what it stands for. If you are going for a classy, glamorous look you may want to consider monotone colors, such as white, black, and grey. You wouldn’t choose a bright yellow, because yellow has different associations.

For example, McDonald’s golden arches are yellow because studies have shown that yellow subconsciously causes hunger. You will find yellow in many fast-food chains as it is also associated with being fast. Quick service and customers who are out of there quickly.

It is very important to think about your color choices for your brand very seriously. You want to choose colors that will last you at least a few years.

Let me guide you through each color and its symbolism. This is not a comprehensive list nor is it intended to show what each color means across all cultures. These are mainly a western perspective on color symbolism, so please keep that in mind:

Red: This color can symbolize anger and danger, it’s the color of fire and blood, or love and passion. Energy, power, vigor, leadership, and courage. It is a very energetic color and can be used to show that something is important. Red should be used in small amounts as it is a very powerful color. It is great as an accent color with bright reds as energetic and darker tones as more elegant.

Orange: The associations with this color are youthfulness, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, creativity, and activity. It’s also the color of the orange fruit which makes it a color associated with health and wellness. It is a fun and vibrant color and should be used for companies that exude energy. When muted it can take on the feel of autumn, change, and movement through the seasons. Orange is still a powerful color and should be used as an accent or attention grabber.

Yellow: So yellow is seen as optimistic, childish, happy, and playful. It’s the color of the sun and is cheerful, warm, friendly, and inviting. It also has an association with mental clarity and intellect. It can also be used as a form of caution, as with caution tape or with hope. Light yellows give out a sense of calm, whereas with dark yellows and golds a sense of permanence can be achieved, or a look of antiqueness.

Green: Basically green is either seen for money, as it is the color green, or for the environment. With nature it represents plants, new beginnings, and growth, or going “green.” Lighter greens are associated with the environment and darker greens with wealth. There is also the association with envy and jealousy, ambition, healing, and protection. Green is a very stabilizing color and can be used in many color combinations effectively.

Blue: This is probably the most used color because it is so very versatile. Blue stands for endurance, security, wisdom, reliability, trustworthiness, strength, dependability, and peace. It has a harmonious quality found from the sea and sky. However, it can also come to represent sadness, depression, or “feeling blue.” It is a very corporate color. Light blues are very friendly and dark blues are strong.

Purple: Royalty, majesty, sophistication, mystery, creativity, imagination, and spirituality are what purple represents. Light shades are very feminine, romantic, sentimental, and nostalgic while darker shades are opulent and luxurious. Purple is generally used for targeting women, men don’t tend well to this color.

Pink: Very feminine, beautiful, tender, sensitive, romantic, compassionate, and playful. Light shades are very girly and sweet, while hot pink is full of youthfulness and energy.

Black: Sophisticated, prestigious, value, sleek, timeless, sorrowful, formal, powerful, and luxurious. Black is a serious color, bold, and classy, and tends to overpower all other colors. It also has the association of death and evil, so do be careful. You can’t go wrong with black, it is the strongest of the neutral tones. Try to pair a bright color with black for maximum impact.

Brown: This is a very earthy color, it is orderly, reliable, wholesome, simple, strong, and durable. Just remember that it can remind people of dirt. This is a nice warm neutral that can be used in backgrounds as an alternative to black.

White: Pure, soft, clean, virtuous, light, simple, innocent, perfect, stark, and minimal. Much like black, white can be paired up with any color and look fabulous.

Grey: So this is a true neutral. Light greys can replace white and dark greys can replace black. It can be moody and depressing, conservative and formal, mature, balanced, scientific, innovative, and calm.

So basically these are the symbols for each color. Knowing these can help you have a better understanding of how to go about choosing colors to match your brand. Good luck!

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